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Zach is one of the most empathetic and qualified health care professionals I have ever seen. He is very clearly passionate about his job, extremely competent, and was able to treat my neck and foot beyond my expectations. I've seen numerous physiotherapists in the past but the results were temporary and the treatment was not very helpful. I now go exclusively to Zach whenever I’m not feeling 100%.


Zach is an excellent therapist who asks great questions, which helped me get to the root of a couple of chronic issues I had over the years. I deeply appreciate his professionalism and integrity, especially when it comes to affordable treatment options. He’s accommodating and flexible, which makes it easier to fit therapy into my schedule. I highly recommend him to friends and family!


Zach is an excellent physiotherapist who has helped me recover from two knee replacement surgeries. He is patient and very knowledgeable and focused his treatment on providing me not only with exercises and things to do on my own, but also the knowledge I needed to keep me safe during my recovery. My recovery wouldn't have been as good if Zach wasn't part of my treatment team.


Zach has provided me with physiotherapy services for the past 4 years and has helped immensely in reducing my back pain and the tension headaches I used to experience on a daily basis. Zach has been getting me to the gym with exercises that are easy to do on my own and with the guidance I needed to avoid further injury or pain. Zach is so great, he's become a household name in my family now treating my grandparents and cousins!


If you are looking for a physiotherapist, Zach is an incredible professional, who is knowledgeable, reliable, and provides effective treatment. I started working with Zach as I required a physiotherapist experienced with sports injury. I sprained my ankle badly while training for a mountain climb. I started working with Zach to treat my injury and I saw quick results and I was able to attend my climb. Over the last 5 years, I have been working regularly with Zach as I train which has enabled me to optimize my performance and train harder. I was experiencing back tightness and I decided to try acupuncture with Zach. Zach used a few pins and the process was painless and helpful.Last year, I suffered a stroke and I was using a wheel chair. Zach has been working with me to build my balance and I am continuing to work with him through home care as I see improvement and consistent results. I highly recommend Zach!

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